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Name: Claudine Basset-Mens
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Claudine Basset-Mens has worked at the crossroad between agriculture and environment for about 10 years in agricultural cooperatives and research organizations in various parts of the world: France, Tunisia and New Zealand. She has developed an interest and expertise in the assessment of the environmental impacts of farming systems and food products.

Originally an agronomist, she earned a PhD in environmental sciences from the school of agronomy of Rennes (France) in 2005, with a dissertation entitled Propositions for an adaptation of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) to agricultural production systems - Application for the environmental evaluation of pig production.

At present, she is a senior scientist at AgResearch in New Zealand where she works on the development and application of the life cycle assessment methodology to pastoral systems (dairy products, wool, lamb and beef meat). Her research focus is on both methodological challenges of the methodology: uncertainty issues, eutrophication potential and harmonisation of the methodology between countries, and on the use of LCA to design more eco-efficient food systems with a particular emphasis on the farm stage.