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Dr. Daniel Pauly became a Professor at UBC's Fisheries Centre in 1994, after many years at the International Centre for Living Aquatic Resource Management (ICLARM), then in Manila, Philippines.

Dr. Pauly's scientific output, mainly dedicated to the management of fisheries and ecosystem modeling, comprises numerous contributions to peer-reviewed journals, authored and edited books, reports and popular articles (see below), and the concepts, methods and software he (co-) developed are in use throughout the world. This applies notably to the ecosystem modeling approach incorporated in the Ecopath software, to FishBase, the online encyclopedia of fishes, and the global mapping of fisheries trends.

In 2001, he was awarded the Murray Newman Award for Excellence in Marine Conservation Research, sponsored by the Vancouver Aquarium, and the Oscar E. Sette Award of the Marine Fisheries Section, American fisheries Society. He was named a 'Honorarprofessor' at Kiel University, Germany, in late 2002. In 2003, he was named one of UBC's Distinguished University Scholars and elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Academy of Science). In 2004, he received the Roger Revelle Medal from IOC/UNESCO, and the Award of Excellence of the American Fisheries Society. Profiles of Dr. Pauly were published in Science on April 19, 2002, Nature on Jan. 2, 2003, The New York Times on Jan. 21, 2003, and in other publications. In 2005, Dr. Pauly received the International Cosmos Prize, a prestigious award granted by the Expo '90 Foundation of Japan, for research excellence with a global perspective.

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