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Name: International Arctic Science Committee
Member Since: December 18th, 2006
Member Name: IASC

International Arctic Science Committee was established in 1990, began operations in 1991 and today comprises 18 member countries. The IASC member organizations are national science organizations covering all fields of Arctic research. Each national member organization has a mechanism to provide ongoing contact between its IASC council member and its Arctic science community.

IASC draws on this structure to identify scientific priorities, members of working groups, etc. An international science programme planned or recommended by IASC should be of high priority to Arctic or global science.

The organizational needs of IASC are served by the IASC Secretariat, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

IASC is an international associate of the International Council for Science, ICSU, and an observer in the Arctic Council. IASC also has connections to numerous international Arctic organizations.

Website: IASC Homepage

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