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Name: Jeffrey Lee
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Jeffrey A. Lee is a geographer at Texas Tech University. His main research focus is on aeolian geomorphology, the movement of sediment by the wind and the resulting landforms produced. Most of his recent research has been on the topics of wind erosion and dust storms in the Great Plains and Southwestern US. In addition, Jeff is co-Editor-in-Chief of the journal Aeolian Research. His geography teaching includes courses on Physical Geography, Geomorphology, Geography of Arid Lands and Field Methods in Physical Geography. Interdisciplinary courses are Integrated Science (introductory science for students in the Honors College) and The Nature of Science for Teachers (a graduate course for K-12 science teachers). He is the author of The Scientific Endeavor: A Primer on Scientific Principles and Practice (1999, Addison, Wesley, Longman), a textbook on what science is and how it is done.

Jeff has a BA and MA from UCLA and PhD from Arizona State University, all in geography.