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Name: Munasinghe Institute for Sustainable Development
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The Munasinghe Institute for Sustainable Development (MIND) is a private, nonprofit organization, established to play a key role in nurturing communities of scholars and practitioners who will address sustainable development issues worldwide and explore viable means of achieving this goal in Sri Lanka and elsewhere without compromising economic, environmental and socio-cultural integrity. MIND seeks to make development more sustainable by initiating research programs, promoting intellectual activities, and undertaking projects in relevant fields, including engineering, life, physical, and social sciences. Through their research, education, and public outreach, MIND scholars increase awareness of the need to balance and integrate the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of sustainable development, and identify unsustainable elements in existing patterns of development. They also improve the analytical and policy skills of public and private sector decision-makers. The founding chairman of MIND is Professor Mohan Munasinghe.

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