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Name: Martin Vermeer
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Martin Vermeer (born 1953 in The Netherlands) is since 2000 Professor of Geodesy at TKK's Surveying Department. Before that he made his career in the Finnish Geodetic Institute, main interests being the study of the Earth's gravity field and precise geodetic GPS, including permanent networks.

Since 1994 he is a foreign member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters. He is and has been internationally active in the International Association of Geodesy, the Nordic Geodetic Commission and the Americal Geophysical Union, and nationally in the National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics, the National COSPAR Committee, and two committees on modernization of the Finnish co-ordinate and height systems.

He has over 80 papers to his name including 15 peer reviewed articles in international journals, mostly related to geoid determination and precise GPS. He also takes an active interest in astronomy, in free and open source software, especially its scientific use, in the didactics of especially cross-cultural science teaching, and in mökkeily (country living, Finnish style).

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