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Name: Sohail Murad
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I serve as Professor and Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My research interests are in the broad areas of classical and statistical thermodynamics. In classical thermodynamics we have developed engineering correlations based on the corresponding states principle for a range of properties such as surface tension, viscosity, and thermal conductivity for hydrocarbons, polar fluids, and electrolyte solutions.

In molecular thermodynamics, we have used the computer simulation technique of molecular dynamics to study thermodynamic properties of pure fluids as well as mixtures of many components, sometimes referred to as polydispersed or continuous mixtures. This research has resulted in the development of accurate intermolecular potential models for polar fluids, such as ammonia, that include three body interactions. In addition we have used our simulation results to examine mixing rules for transport properties and several fluid theories, as well as the contributions from internal degrees of freedom to properties such as thermal conductivity.

More recently, we have also developed a method for examining the microscopic and macroscopic properties of fluids with restricted flow geometries, such as permeable and semi-permeable membranes, and used it to study phenomena such as osmosis, reverse osmosis and electro-osmosis. These phenomena have applications in many diverse fields. The objective of our work is to improve our understanding of the basic principles that govern these processes at the molecular level.

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