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Name: Aiman Al-Rawajfeh
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Biography: D.-Ing. Aiman E. Al-Rawajfeh is a university professor of chemical engineering and Director of the Energy & Oil Shale Research Center (EOSRC) at Tafila Technical University , Jordan. He received his PhD in Thermal Process Technology from Martin-Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, Germany, in 2004. He worked as a senior researcher at Doosan Water R&D Center, Dubai, UAE from 2008-2009. He has co-authored 35 refereed journal publications and similar number of conferences, besides contributing chapters to a number of books. He serves as an Associate Editor of Recent Patents on Chemical Engineering and a member of the editorial board of Arab Water World . His efforts in research have been recognized with the 2009 Scopus Award and 2003-2004 EDS Conferences Students Awards. His research interests include thermal desalination, scaling and its inhibition, corrosion and its inhibition, new desalination processes, pretreatment and environmental research.