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Name: Center for Energy and Environmental Studies
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The Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Boston University engages in education, research, and professional training in the fields of energy and environmental analysis. The perspective of the Center is multi-disciplinary and problem-oriented. The educational programs are based on the philosophy that students need a solid training in traditional disciplines, as well as a set of integrative courses that expose students to the broad and systematic nature of environmental problems. The multi-disciplinary, systems-oriented approach underlies the Center's research programs that investigate some of the planet's most challenging environmental problems.

The Center consists of core faculty who hold joint appointments with the department of Geography. The Center also has an advisory committee of faculty from various departments. These faculty develop the curricula and teach the courses that form the base of the University's environmental research that is an integral part of the University's commitment to international excellence in research and graduate education.

The Center is part of the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. The College is an academic community of students and faculty involved in the discovery, evaluation, and transmission of essential knowledge. Through the study of the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences, young men and women prepare to lead full and examined lives, and to assume roles as creative and productive members of society. With 23 departments and more than 90 major and minor concentrations, the College of Arts and Sciences is the backbone of the University. The environmental programs utilize this diverse web of faculty, students, and curricula.

The educational and research programs in the Center are integrative and multi-disciplinary. Students in two Bachelor's programs and three Master's programs are part of an innovative and challenging curriculum that is second to none in the nation. The faculty in the Center and affiliated departments engage in environmental research ranging from the analysis of pollution in Boston Harbor, the future of world oil supply, to the study of global climate change. The Center has close collaborative ties with the Departments of Biology, Geography, Earth Sciences, International Relations, the Center for Remote Sensing, the Center for Transportation Studies and the Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology. This arrangement enables the environmental programs to tap the rich resources of one of the nation's most respected and diverse independent institutions of higher education.

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