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Name: CenSeam: a Global Census of Marine Life on Seamounts
Member Since: November 14th, 2006
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CenSeam: a Global Census of Marine Life on Seamounts was launched in 2005, bringing scientists together from all continents of the world. Through the Census of Marine life we invite you to be a part of our research, join in our surveys, have a look at the creatures that we find and learn how to play a role in seamount conservation.

CenSeam's mission is to determine the role of seamounts in the biogeography, biodiversity, productivity, and evolution of marine organisms, and to evaluate the effects of human exploitation on seamounts.

CenSeam will:

  • coordinate existing and planned programs for maximum benefit through encouraging community networking
  • catalyze new seamount sampling activities
  • offer mini-grants to expand the scope of surveys/data collection/analysis
  • align research approaches and data collection
  • ensure that opportunities for collaboration between programs are maximized
  • integrate and analyze incoming information to create new knowledge
  • consolidate and synthesize existing data, e.g., historical data that to date has been functionally inaccessible to the scientific community

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