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Name: Chris Fidler
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I am a student in the MBA program at the University of Vermont.  I have a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California San Diego, following which I worked as an engineer in the aerospace industry developing and testing gas turbines.  I currently work as an engineer and a product manager for Burton Snowboards in the snowboards division.  I moved to Vermont in August 2006 and in July 2008 I took a sustainable business class and I have become extremely interested in the field.  I took Ecological Economics with Professor Costanza and I would like to continue to study this subject through the GUND institute at UVM.

                I am fascinated with alternative business scenarios that can reduce the environmental impact of consumer goods.  During my last semester of Ecological Economics I chose to research the concept of Product Service Systems as a potential alternative to traditional consumer product business models.  My article is designed to raise awareness of the concept and provide examples of current PSS business models.