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Name: Christopher Kennedy
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Chris Kennedy's work involves application of principles of Industrial Ecology to the design of urban infrastructure systems. He has applied methods of environmental life cycle assessment and material flow analysis to a variety of infrastructure: buildings, water systems, and urban transportation. His on-going research is concerned with the integrated design of sustainable streets and neighborhoods. Amongst his publications are studies of urban metabolism, and processes for developing sustainable urban transportation systems. His wider work has included contributions to probability theory, regional economics, contaminant transport and engineering education. Chris is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto, where he teaches courses in Engineering Ecology, Infrastructure Economics and Design of Infrastructure for Sustainable Cities.

Chris has worked and studied in Europe and North America. He holds degrees in Civil Engineering from Imperial College, London (B.Eng.) and the University of Waterloo, Canada (MASc., Ph.D.), as well as a diploma in Economics from the University of Warwick, U.K. and MBA from the University of Toronto. His previous employers include the UFZ Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, and various engineering firms in the UK. In 2004/05, Chris was a visiting scholar at Oxford University and EAWAG (ETH Z├╝rich). He has conducted professional and voluntary work for the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, the Ontario Ministry of Finance, Environment Canada, the National Research Council / Canadian Federation of Municipalities, and the Ontario Council on Graduate Studies.