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Name: David Williams
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David Williams is an Honorary Fellow of CSIRO Energy Technology and a Conjoint Fellow of Newcastle University, NSW from where he was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Science. David’s main research interests have included the long-range dispersion of air pollution using air-borne techniques, characterisation of particle emissions from in-use motor vehicles and greenhouse gas (fugitive) emissions from black coal mining. He was responsible for the setting out the methodology for fugitive emissions from coal mining as a component in the Australian inventory and took part in an IPCC workshop on coal-related fugitive emissions in Prague in 1997. He is the author or co-author of many journal papers and reports. Whilst working in Bangladesh, he developed an interest in the fast-disappearing rickshaw art taking innumerable photographs which will appear in a forthcoming book jointly written by his wife (Kuntala) who is more fluent with the pen.