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Dr. Dirk Zeller is a Senior Research Fellow in the Sea Around Us project at the Fisheries Centre, UBC. As part of this project, Zeller leads international collaborations on fisheries data reconstruction, is responsible for global coral reef fisheries and global marine pollution modeling, engages in ocean governance and fisheries policy research, and contributes to ecosystem modeling efforts. He also collaborates with Drs. Carl Walters and Villy Christensen on a project investigating early marine mortality and movements of juvenile Pacific salmon using ultrasonic tracking, and with Dr. Rashid Sumaila on issues in resource economics.

Dr. Zeller has a specialization in marine and fisheries ecology, and also has interests in marine resource policy, global ocean governance, marine reserves, coral reef ecology, and conservation. He also has strong expertise in bio-telemetry and advanced tagging technology in quantitative ecology and fisheries research. Dirk collaborates with scientists in Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Pacific. He has represented the Sea Around Us project at conferences and workshops in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, and South America.

Prior to joining the Sea Around Us project, Dr. Zeller was located at James Cook University, Australia, where he investigated the effects of marine reserves, and worked extensively in experimental field ecology, applied animal behavior, and the interactions between species, their distribution and habitats. Prior to these research projects, he held a position as Associate Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at James Cook University, contributing to and coordinating several courses in fisheries science, marine biology and zoology. Over the last 20 years, he also conducted research on corals, sea turtles and cephalopods. Dr. Zeller has published widely, both in the primary literature (Nature, Marine Policy, Ecological Modelling, Marine Ecology Progress Series, Environmental Health Perspectives, etc.) and in dedicated research reports.

B.Sc. (Hons, James Cook University, Australia), PhD (James Cook University, Australia)

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