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Name: Douglas Glazier
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Douglas Glazier is a professor of biology at Juniata College. He is presently the leader of Juniata College’s Environmental Task Force and is very dedicated to the research pursuits of his students. Dr. Glazier was chair of Juniata College’s Environmental Science Program from 1995-1998. His research interests include functional biology and life-history evolution of mammals (especially murid rodents) and crustaceans (especially cladocerans and pericaridans), ecology of freshwater springs, ecology of land invasions, ecology of metabolic and life-history scaling, biological correlates of species geographic ranges, and patterns of taxonomic diversity. He received the Educational Conservation Silver Award in 1990 from the Pennsylvania and National Council of State Garden Clubs. In 2000, he was honored with the Beachley Distinguished Academic Service Award at Juniata College.  In 2002, Dr. Glazier and his colleagues Dr. Randy Bennett and Dr. Xinli Wang received an award from the John Templeton Foundation for development of their course "God, Evolution and Culture.”