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In the Multilingual dictionary of the names of chemical elements you will find lists of elements in many languages. There are alphabetical and numerical lists. Clicking on the name of an element opens the element information page in the main window. On this page a list of names of that element in different languages, the etymology of its name and some other information is given. On the multidict index page you will find:

  • the flags and the name of the language with the two-letter language codes (ISO 639).
  • its form for the "periodic table [or: system] of the elements"
  • the English name of the language and the countries or regions where it is spoken.

On each element page you will find:

  • A history of the discovery and naming of the element. In this text the emphasis is on the naming. This is mainly based on the works by Weeks and Gmelin. The chemical process and other chemical information is kept very short or is not present at all.
  • A list of the names of the element in 70 languages.
  • At least one illustration: the appearance of the element, a mineral in which the element occurs, a portrait of the discoverer, or an example of the use of the element.

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