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Name: Elizabeth Farnsworth
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Elizabeth Farnsworth is a conservation biologist and scientific illustrator, working with the New England Wild Flower Society.  She is currently illustrating the forthcoming Flora of New England, and is co-author of the Peterson Field Guide to the Ferns and the Connecticut River Boating Guide: Source to Sea.  As a Harvard University Bullard Fellow, she has researched the ecology and geographical distribution of rare plants in New England.  She served for five years as Senior Research Ecologist with the New England Wild Flower Society, where she directed planning for the conservation and management of over 100 species of rare plants.  She has also been a National Science Foundation Fellow, member of the faculties of Smith College and Hampshire College, and Ecologist with The Nature Conservancy in Connecticut.  She has conducted scientific research on a variety of ecosystems throughout the world, focusing on the ecology of tropical mangrove forests, impacts of climatic change and invasive species on organisms, and restoration and conservation of rare plants.