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Dr. Emily Monosson's interest is the interface between toxic chemicals and life, and how living things respond to chemicals of either natural or anthropogenic origin. She has extensive experience reviewing and synthesizing literature pertaining to toxicology and environmental toxicology and has researched and reported on a range of chemicals from legacies like PCBs to emergent chemical toxicants including nano-chemicals. As a writer, teacher and consultant, her passion is translating and communicating the intricacies of toxicology to the general public.

She is editor of the book Motherhood the Elephant in the Laboratory: women scientists speak out, a volume of contributed essays addressing challenges faced by scientists seeking career-family balance, inspired by her experience with maintaining a non-traditional career in science as a "traditional" stay-at-home mom.

Her most recent books are Unnatural Selection: How We are Changing Life Gene by Gene, Island Press 2014 and Evolution in a toxic world: life's response to naturally occurring and man-made chemicals, Island Press, 2012. She is currently working on a book about reducing chemical use in medicine and agriculture. 

Dr. Monosson graduated with a B.S. from Union College, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from Cornell University.E-mail: