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Ernest William Tollner is currently a professor at University of Georgia in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering.


  • BSAE, 1972 Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky
  • MSAE, 1974 Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky – Water resources emphasis
  • Ph.D., 1981 Agricultural Engineering, Auburn University –Waste management and water resources

Professional Experience:

  • Professor, The University of Georgia (1991-Present)
  • Professor and Graduate Coordinator, The University of Georgia (1999-Present)
  • Associate Professor, The University of Georgia (1985-1991)
  • Assistant Professor, The University of Georgia (1981-1985)

Research Interests: The overall area of research is related to development of engineering analysis and solutions related with measurement and evaluation of nondestructive minimally invasive measurement concepts in selected agricultural systems and wetland systems. Specific interests include the development of a sediment concentration sensor for real time use. Hydraulic modeling of flows through wetlands is a current research interest as is Bioconversion research.

Teaching Activity

  • ENGR 3410 Introduction to Natural Resources Engineering
  • ENGR 3440 Water management
  • ENGR 4210/6210 Linear Systems
  • ENGR 6410 Open Channel Hydraulics and Sediment Transport
  • ENGR 6580 Directed Readings in bioconversion engineering
  • ENGR 8550 Nondestructive characterization of biological materials
  • ENGR 8980 Advanced topics in Energetics
  • Graduate student activities in the last 5 years including direction of 3 Masters Graduates and 2 Doctoral Graduates.

Consulting And Patents

  • Consultant-Newton County, Georgia Government, 1995-96
  • Soil Penetrometer, US Patent 4432223
  • Large Soil Core Sampler, Israeli Patent 092150


  • Registered Professional Engineer, Georgia (1992-PRESENT)
  • Class III Biological Treatment plant operator (1998 –PRESENT)

Honorary Society Memberships:

  • Tau Beta Pi (Alpha Epsilon)
  • Alpha Zeta (Sigma Zi)
  • Gamma Sigma Delta (Phi Kappa Phi)
  • Order of the Engineer


  • 2006 Inducted into the Order of the Engineer
  • 2004 Georgia ASAE Engineer of the year
  • 1997-03 Appeared in Marquis “Who’s Who in America”
  • 1998 Runner up in student election for best teacher in department.
  • 1996 President Elect, Sigma Zi Athens Chapter
  • 1995 Elected to full Member, Sigma Zi
  • 1995 Elected Bruce Dixon Mentor by BAE Faculty


  • Water supply for aquacultural developments in Central America (Aquaculture CRSP)
  • Watershed assessment of the Nzoia Basin, Kenya (current project)

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS (Selected books, book chapters and article)

  • Tollner, E.W., 2002. Natural Resources Engineering. Iowa State University Press, Ames, IO.
  • Tollner, E.W. and T.C. Rasmussen. 2005. Simulated moving bed forms effects on real-time in-stream sediment concentration measurement with densitometry. Jour. of Hydraulic Engineering. 131:1141-1144.
  • Tollner, E.W. and K.C. Das. 2004. Predicting Runoff from a Yard Waste Windrow Composting Pad. Transactions of the ASAE Vol. 47(6): 1953-1961.
  • Tollner, E.W. and K.C. Das. 2004. Predicting Runoff from a Yard Waste Windrow Composting Pad. Transactions of the ASAE Vol. 47(6): 1953-1961.
  • Tollner, E.W., D.T. Hill and C.D. Busch. 1983. Manure effects on model lagoons treated with residue for bottom sealing. Transactions of the ASAE 26(2):430 435.
  • Tollner, E.W., D.T. Hill and C.D. Busch. 1983. Physical and biochemical transformations in residues decomposing under small hydraulic gradients. Agricultural Wastes 7:127 146.
  • Tollner, E.W., D.T. Hill and C.D. Busch. 1982. Sealing waste impoundments with plant residues. BioCycle (Journal of Waste Recycling) 23(5):32 36.
  • Barfield, B.J., E.W. Tollner and J.C. Hayes. 1979. Filtration of sediment by simulated vegetation: Steady-state flow with homogeneous sediment. Transactions of the ASAE 22(3):540 545, 548.
  • Tollner, E.W., B.J. Barfield, C. Vachirakornwatana and C.T. Haan. 1977. Sediment deposition patterns in simulated grass filters. Transactions of the ASAE 20(5):940 944.
  • Tollner, E.W., B.J. Barfield, C.T. Haan and T.Y. Kao. 1976. Suspended sediment filtration capacity of simulated, rigid vegetation. Transactions of the ASAE 19(4):678 682.