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Name: Great Transition Initiative
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The Great Transition Initiative (GTI) is a global network for elaborating visions and strategies for a future of enriched lives, human solidarity and a healthy planet. By addressing the need for a coherent, plausible, and shared vision, GTI complements the many admirable, but fragmented, efforts to shape our common future. GTI's vision of hope challenges conventional thinking, counters pessimism, and inspires effective action and new values. The initiative builds on the work of the Global Scenario Group (GSG), which for a decade has been at the cutting edge of systemic analyses of global futures. GTI's expanded network engages some 200 participants, drawn from diverse regions, backgrounds, and disciplines. It offers a unique resource for researching, articulating, and disseminating scenarios that are rich, rigorous, and legitimate. GTI directs its message to a range of audiences, including the general public, civil society, and policymakers. The network's internal processes are guided by the principles of participation, openness, and trust.

The GTI Coordinating Unit facilitates the work of the Initiative. It is hosted at the Tellus Institute in Boston in partnership with the Stockholm Environment Institute. GTI is committed to minimal administrative structures that evolve, as needed, to support an expanding program. Ad hoc Working Groups are formed, as needed, to conduct projects or organize outreach efforts.

Website: GTI Homepage
Website: Tellus Institute Homepage

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