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Name: Gavin M. Mudd
Member Since: November 15th, 2007
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Dr Gavin M Mudd has been an active researcher and advocate on the environmental impacts and management of mining for over a decade. He has been involved with many aspects of industry with a particular specialty in brown coal wastes, uranium mining and environmental management. His work has been showcased in several international journals and conferences. Gavin maintains an independent perspective, and has undertaken research for mining companies, community groups and aboriginal organisations. In particular, Gavin has had extensive involvement in examining the underlying scientific issues associated with uranium mining in Australia, with detailed knowledge of the Australian uranium mining sector as well as globally. With strong qualifications and experience, he has developed a unique understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of the environmental aspects of mining in Australia and globally, culminating in a distinctive view on how to quantify an apparent oxymoron – that of “sustainable mining”. Additionally, Gavin has active research interests in urban groundwater issues, groundwater management and assessment, especially with respect to climate change and sustainability.