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Name: Glen Peters
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Dr. Glen Peters is a senior research fellow at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo (CICERO) and formerly a post-doctoral researcher in the Industrial Ecology Programme. Most of his research revolves around the development of effective global climate policy. The main focus is on quantitative policy analysis and linking environmental impacts with various economic activities. This allows a re-allocation of environmental impacts from the producer to the consumer. An active area of research is the separation of consumption and production, particularly through international trade. This research has been applied to the development of post-Kyoto policies, the role of trade in climate policy, carbon footprints, competitiveness concerns, sustainable consumption, globalization, and understanding the role of different national circumstances in climate policy. Overall his interest is on global policy, but several studies have focused on China, Norway, Europe, and the USA. He works on both methodological issues and empirical analysis. Glen's Ph.D. research investigated contaminant transport in rigid and deforming porous media and was completed at The University of Newcastle, Australia.

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