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Name: Helmut Haberl
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Helmut Haberl holds a doctoral degree in plant ecology from the University of Vienna and is qualified to teach in human ecology at its Department of Anthropology. He is now associate professor of Human Ecology at the Vienna Institute of Social Ecology of Klagenfurt University. His research is focused on the analysis of society-nature interactions with the aim of providing scientific underpinnings for sustainable development. He has worked on socioeconomic metabolism, in particular socioeconomic and socio-ecological energy flows, socio-ecological transitions, in particular on agrarian-industrial transitions, the application of socioeconomic metabolism in land-change science, participative modelling of local and regional socio-ecological systems and on conceptual issues of Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER). He is member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Global Land Project and of the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency.

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