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Name: Ian Hore-Lacy
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Ian Hore-Lacy is Director for Public Communications at the World Nuclear Association, an international trade association based in London, and has been involved with studying uranium and nuclear power since 1995. His function is primarily focused on public information on nuclear power via the World Wide Web.

He is a former biology teacher who joined the mining industry as an environmental scientist in 1974, with CRA (now Rio Tinto). He is author of Nuclear Electricity, the expanded eighth edition of which was published in 2006 by Elsevier and World Nuclear University under the title Nuclear Energy in the 21st Century.  A ninth edition is pending.

His particular interests range from the technical to the ethical and theological aspects of mineral resources and their use, especially nuclear power. He has written several books on mining, environmental, economic and related issues, the latest being Responsible Dominion - a Christian Approach to Sustainable Development, published early in 2006 by Regent College Press.

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