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Jason A. Hubbart, Ph.D., is an associate professor of forest hydrology at the University of Missouri, Columbia. He currently teaches courses pertaining to watershed management, water quality, physical hydrology, ecological climatology, and environmental biophysics. A diverse background encompassing biological and hydrologic science has equipped him to conduct research with a distinct interdisciplinary perspective. His research foci include the intricate relationships between physical and biological systems in pre- and post disturbance environments, with particular interest in biophysical responses to hydroclimate and disturbance mechanisms. Current research projects include microclimate variability and alterations in complex mountainous terrain and riparian zones, snow hydrology, inversion processes, water yield, peak flow and water quality responses to canopy cover alteration and urbanization. He is interested in conservation and sustainable management of natural resources at multiple levels including but not limited to aspects of biodiversity, sustainability, and best management practices. As an intense proponent of education he also works to narrow the gap between science and public awareness. Jason A. Hubbart holds a Ph.D. in Natural Resources earned at the University of Idaho, Moscow, a B.S. in Ecology conferred in 2000, and an M.S. in Biology (Focus: Forest Ecology and Mammalogy), conferred in 2002. Both B.S., and M.S. degrees were earned at California State University, Fresno.

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