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Name: John Drexhage
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John Drexhage is Director of IISD's Climate Change and Energy Program. With a team of 15 staff and associates across Canada and overseas, Mr. Drexhage’s work on climate change is based on 12 years of experience on the issue, first as a domestic adviser and international negotiator on climate change and then as an expert analyst and manager for IISD. Drexhage’s expertise covers a broad range of areas related to climate change, and he is currently focusing on regulatory frameworks for greenhouse gas emissions, post-2012 climate change regimes, market based instruments and more fully exploring linkages between adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development. Drexhage is also a Leading Author with Working Group 3 of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Prior to his current position with IISD, he was Associate Director, with the International Relations Directorate, (Environment Canada) coordinating the Government's policy positions in formal negotiations on climate change. Prior to this position in 1998, his other roles with Environment Canada in respect of Climate Change, included Manager Climate Change - International, Global Air Issues Branch and Senior Policy Adviser, Domestic Climate Change Program representing Environment Canada in federal- provincial negotiations on domestic actions on climate change.

Drexhage is very involved in energy policy, and analysis and modeling as the leader of the climate and energy group at IISD, which provides regular consulting services to energy companies like Manitoba Hydro, TransCanada Pipelines and Suncor Energy. His group has also conducted extensive analysis for government agencies at the federal level (Environment Canada, Foreign Affairs Canada and Natural Resources Canada) and provincial level (Manitoba Government, Alberta Government and Ontario Government).