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Name: John J. W. Rogers
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John Rogers is a distinguished professor of geology emeritus who has also charted the history of Earth's land masses - from Ur, which existed three billion years ago, to Arctica, Baltica, Atlantica, Nena, the supercontinents of Rodinia and Pangea, and Pangea's offspring, our modern-day continents. His paper on the subject was selected by Discover magazine as one of the top 100 science stories for 1996.

In his book People and the Earth - Basic Issues in the Sustainability of Resources and Environment, co-authored with P. Geoffrey Feiss, John Rogers looks at environmental issues from a geologic standpoint. How do geologic restrictions limit our ability to withdraw food, water, energy, and minerals from the earth? What effect do our activities have on the planet?

Current position


  • B.S. (Geology) California Institute of Technology, l952
  • M.S. (Geology) University of Minnesota, l952
  • Ph.D. (Geology) California Institute of Technology, l955

Previous positions

  • Rice University, l954–75; Instructor; l954–55; Asst. Prof., l955–60; Assoc. Prof., 1960–1963; Professor, l963–74; Master of Brown College, l966–71; Chairman of Geology Dept., l971–74

Administrative positions

  • Geological Society of America; South Central Section Vice Chairman, l969; Chairman, l970; International Division. Second and First Vice President, President, 1996–1999


Environmental books published

  • Rogers, J. J. W., and Feiss, P. G., 1998. People and the Earth, Cambridge University Press, 338 p.
  • Rogers, J. J. W., 1999. History and Environment of North Carolina's Piedmont – Evolution of a Value-Added Society, self-published on the web, 102 p.
  • Landmarks in Earth and Human History with Trileigh Tucker (Seattle University) (in preparation)