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Name: Juan Pablo Arce
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Juan Pablo Arce passed away on September 26th, 2009.  We would like to honor his contributions to the Encyclopedia of Earth and his dedication to conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean.   But more importantly we would like to remember this warm and caring man who's infectious laughter touched us all.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.  

Juan Pablo Arce had over 20 years of experience working in conservation and the international development field with a strong background in conservation biology, environmental policy, biodiversity conservation, and biodiversity information management focused primarily in Latin America . As former Vice-Minister of Natural Resources and Environment under the Sustainable Development and Environmental Ministry of Bolivia, he was responsible for the governmental legal and policy strategy related to sustainable development, CITES, the Convention of Biological Biodiversity, the Ozone Depletion Committee, the National Agriculture Council, RAMSAR, Air and Water Control Quality Commission, and many other environmental tasks at national and international level. As Chairman of the Board, National Trust Fund for Environment (Fondo Nacional para el Medio Ambiente) in Bolivia, he was responsible of the overall investment planning from international agencies such as the World Bank/GEF, IDB, GTZ, EU and other key donors. As Director of Latin America and the Caribbean Department at NatureServe, Mr. Arce conceived of the concept of the Arriba Network, an initiative to develop strategic partnerships with international agencies, governments, scientific organizations, local communities and the donor community to pursue biodiversity conservation and information management in the LAC region. Mr. Arce received his undergraduate degree in Biology from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres in Bolivia, a Master Degree in Rural and Land Ecology at ITC in The Netherlands, and graduate studies in Global Studies at the University of Denver.