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Name: Kevin J. Caley
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Kevin J. Caley is an evolutionary biologist at the University of Nottingham, teaching various biodiversity-related subjects in the Centre for Continuing Education – from butterfly ecology to seabird conservation, practical survey techniques and statistics – as well as contributing to various e-learning initiatives in the biological sciences and education. Most recently he has written an article on the evolution and diversity of fossil birds, although much of his previous work has concentrated on marine organisms.

He is particularly interested in initiatives that raise the general level of biodiversity knowledge among the public, and is keen to defend the need for easy access to biodiversity information, as exhibited by the 'educational field guides' he conceptualized and coordinated the development of during his stay at the University of Hong Kong, and his current project, the Global Species Information Network (GSIN).

Having obtained his first degree in Marine Biology / Zoology at the University of Wales, Bangor, Kevin then went on to complete a PhD in evolutionary ecology, before ending up in Nottingham. Kevin's main interests are all biology-related, from photography to the study of plant-animal interactions and general behavioural aspects of a variety of animals.   He is particularly fascinated by butterfly ecology, bird evolution and diversity, odonate habitat choice and breeding, and adaptation to the sea shore by a wide variety of animals, as well as being a keen plantsman (species only, though!).