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Kevin graduated from the University at Buffalo with degrees in Environmental Studies and Physical Geography with and interest in geomorphology and hydrology. Kevin earned an M.S. and Ph.D in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His M.S. research allowed him to travel across the western US studying hillslope erosion following wildfires while employed by the US Forest Service. Much of his work took place in the Bitterroot Mountains in Montana. Kevin's expanded his interests in hydrology and erosion to include lake sedimentation.  For his Ph.D., Kevin reconstructed Late-Glacial-Holocene environments in south-central Wisconsin using a variety of proxies including fossil pollen, environmental magnetics, loss-on-ignition, and other stratigraphy markers.  Following graduate school, Kevin taught Earth and Environmental Science at Mercer University for two years before moving to Maine to accept a teaching position at Unity College. Since arriving in Maine, Kevin has taught a number of courses including Weather and Climate, Lake Sedimentation, Fermentation Science, Physical Geology, Geology of Environmental Problems, Groundwater and Surface Hydrology, Soil Science, Environmental Sustainability, and Global Climate Change.  Kevin has continued his lake sediment research with the help of several undergraduate students and has ongoing projects in Unity, ME and Acadia National Park as well as Wisconsin. Kevin has been involved with the NASA Global Climate Change Education project since its inception and has designed several learning modules that formed part of his Global Climate Change course. Kevin is active in a number of professional societies, especially the Association of American Geographers.