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Name: Krish Jayachandran
Member Since: May 24th, 2006
Member Name: Krish.jayachandran
Biography: Krish Jayachandran is an associate professor at Florida International University in the department of Environmental Studies. His areas of interest include wetlands soil characterization, restoration ecology, pesticide degradation, transport, and potential groundwater contamination, biocontrol of invasive plant species, bioenergy and microbial hydrogen production, marine and freshwater toxins and microbial degradation, pathogen tracking and remediation measures, antibiotic resistance in the environment, Bioremediation (plant - microbe based system) of organic contaminants in soil and water, Physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biological interactions of arbuscular-mycorrhizal (AM) fungi. Jayachandran served as the associate editor for the Journal of Environmental Quality from 2002-2004 and 2005-2007. Jayachandran is very involved in the Florida International University community, founding the Students Research and Artistic Initiatives (SRAI), organizing various research workshops, and serving as chair for the Diversity Advisory and Minority Enrollment Committee.

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