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Name: Lelia Croitoru
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Lelia Croitoru is an environmental economist, currently working at the World Bank in Washington D.C. She has worked extensively on the economics of natural resources, particularly concerning forests, water, and agricultural land. She is co-editor of 'Valuing Mediterranean forests: Towards Total Economic Value' (CABI Publishing, 2005), a pioneering book that estimated the value of all forest goods and services in eighteen Mediterranean countries, and the author of several articles and book chapters on natural resource valuation. Her recent work has focused on assessing the cost of environmental degradation in the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to joining the World Bank, she worked at Centre for Environmental Accounting an Management (CONTAGRA) at the University of Padova (Italy). She holds a PhD in Forest Economics from the University of Padova and Trento, and a Masters in Agricultural Economics from the University of Bucharest (Romania).