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Name: Lisa Benvenuti
Member Since: March 15th, 2006
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Lisa Benvenuti, a GIS Analyst for the Redlands Institute at the University of Redlands, is responsible for acquisition, management and FGDC compliant documentation of digital geospatial data sets for various Institute projects including the Desert Tortoise Project in its effort to evaluate the Fort Irwin expansion proposal and its impact on the Desert Tortoise. As a member of the data inventory and evaluation team she has done extensive research and data development for the Salton Sea Environmental Atlas, and has coordinated, managed and digitized contours and infrastructure in the Mexicali Valley area of northern Mexico. She now manages the U.S. EPA funded Salton Sea Database Program. She coordinated the effort to digitized playas, basins, and sensitive paleontological resource areas in the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program study area for map production and report presentation to the U.S. Department of Defense.

Ms. Benvenuti has been instrumental in developing and managing the The Redlands Institute Standard Operating Procedure templates and product guidelines. She acts as Sharepoint Content Manager, supervising interns in their effort to catalog and organize Institute resources into Sharepoint and assist project managers with project site development and organization. Ms. Benvenuti develops and maintains Redlands Institute content for the web site, business portfolio and digital portfolio. Ms. Benvenuti is instrumental in producing information, models, maps, and other visualizations that support various Redlands Institute projects. She is also involved in project management and responsible for the management and coordination of the RFI (Request for Information) system. This includes receiving and processing the incoming requests and coordinating efforts to deliver data, maps and reports.

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