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Magelah Peter Gwayaka is a social science graduate from Makerere University Kampala (Uganda), where he specialized in sociology and psychology. He also holds a diploma in Law from the Law Development Center Kampala (Uganda). In 2008 he acquired a degree in Law, from Makerere University Kampala and in 2009 he did a post graduate in law from Law Development Centre.   

Since his first degree in 2001, he has been involved in numerous research projects, mainly in the areas of environmental management and community development.

In 2003 he joined local NGOs in the Rwenzori region (western Uganda) to campaign against human rights abuses in the region.

Among his works is research on causes of defilement in the Rwenzori region; a study on the role of the media in the 1994 Rwanda Genocide; evaluation of Uganda’s human rights standing; evaluation of community human rights awareness; and a study on the link between urbanization and insecurity in Kampala. He has also done policy and legal analysis in Uganda on the Anti Terrorism Act, The NGO Registration Act, Access to Information Act among others. Today he works with Human Rights Network -Uganda (HURINET -U).

He views environmental matters as part of human rights and feels the environment contributes to our survival. His environmental works include evaluation of water sources and systems in the Rwenzori Region; a study on the implementation of laws governing forestry in Uganda; a study on wetland management systems in Uganda; and a study on the effects of the ADF war on the environment among others.