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Name: Marina Fischer-Kowlaski
Member Since: February 10th, 2007
Member Name: Mar.fischerkowalski

Professor for Social Ecology at Klagenfurt University, Lecturer for Sociology at Vienna University, PhD, habilitated for sociology.

A social scientist by professional breeding, I am fascinated by interdisciplinary cooperation "across the great divide" of science and the humanities. It allows me to listen to approaches from different scientific perspectives and attempt a radical re-framing of the structure of a problem. I am driven by an obsession for theoretical clarity, and I am interested in quite fundamental questions: What is the nexus between social and natural systems? How do they relate? How do they relate in the minds of people, in current biophysical reality, and how did they relate in history? I am curious to ever again take a fresh look at reality, ask questions, and put my prejudices at risk by thorough empirical investigation. Beyond curiosity, I share in the responsibility for also practically guiding society-nature interrelations on to a more sustainable path. I am glad to be given the opportunity to lead an interdisciplinary team, and I hope to also provide a productive challenge to the social sciences, who’s contribution is badly needed to improve the self-governance of society towards the vision of sustainable development.

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