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Name: Marian Chertow
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Marian Chertow is an Associate Professor of Industrial Environmental Management, Director of the Program on Solid Waste Policy, and Director of the Industrial Environmental Management Program at Yale University.

Dr. Chertow’s research and teaching concern environmental management and policy as they relate to the private sector. Her primary research interests are the application of innovation theory to the development of environmental and energy technology and the study of industrial symbiosis: geographically based exchanges of wastes, materials, energy, and water within networks of businesses. She is the editor of Thinking Ecologically: The Next Generation of Environmental Policy (with Daniel Esty), to which she also contributed work on the relevance of industrial ecology to public policy. Prior to her position at Yale, Dr. Chertow spent ten years in environmental business and with state and local government agencies. She also serves on the faculty of the National University of Singapore and is a fellow of Jonathan Edwards College.

Dr. Chertow holds a B.A. from Barnard College, a M.P.P.M from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. from Yale University.

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