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Name: Mario Rivero-Huguet
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Mario Rivero-Huguet holds a PhD in remediation of contaminated sites overcharged with mixed pollutants (persistent organic pollutants, dioxins and furans, and heavy metals) from McGill University, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Montréal, QC, Canada. He has a degree in Chemistry and a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Following his degree in Chemistry, he completed a Research Master degree in Inorganic Chemistry.

While working towards his Masters degree, he worked in the Department of Inorganic and Radiochemistry. One of their goals was the development of new technetium radiopharmaceuticals. He worked in various projects related to the synthesis, characterization (by IR, HPLC, NMR, UV-VIS, X-Ray diffraction) and physicochemical studies of Rhenium complexes.

He has also gained research experience abroad. In 1997 he spent several months studying electrochemical behavior of some Rhenium complexes by cyclic voltammetric at the Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Universität of Leipzig (Germany). He was hired as a research assistant at the Victoria University of Technology, School of Life Sciences, Australia in 2001.

He is currently focused in sustainable development, participatory and interdisciplinary research in projects related with natural resources management, waste management. Expertise he has gained while working for Canada's International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur la Biologie, la Santé, la Société, et l’Environnement. 

He has worked for several years at the Analytical Department of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay, (LATU, Laboratorio Tecnológico del Uruguay). He has gained expertise in the analysis of trace elements by Atomic Spectrometry (ICP-OES, FAAS, ET-AAS, CVAAS and HGAAS) in different kind of samples. This Laboratory has accredited the determination of trace elements by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). His performance as an analytical chemist has been well demonstrated throughout the excellent record obtained in inter-laboratory tests with the New York State Department of Health (from USA), LGC (Laboratory of Government Chemist), AQUACHECK and FAPAS (from UK) and NRC-CNRC (National Research Council of Canada).

He has more than 15 reviewed publications in the inorganic and analytical chemistry field and has given several presentations at international conferences.

Most recent publications:

  • M. Rivero-Huguet, W.D. Marshall (2010). Impact of various inorganic oxyanions on the removal rates of hexavalent chromium mediated by zero-valent iron. Environmental Chemistry. 7, 250-258.
  • M. Rivero-Huguet, W.D. Marshall (2009). Reduction of hexavalent chromium mediated by micro- and nano-sized mixed metallic particles. Journal of Hazardous Materials. 169, 1081-1087
  • M. Rivero-Huguet, W.D. Marshall (2009). Reduction of hexavalent chromium mediated by micro- and nano-scale zero-valent metallic particles. Journal of Environmental Monitoring. 11, 1072-1079
  • M. Rivero-Huguet, W.D. Marshall (2009). Influence of various organic molecules on the reduction of hexavalent chromium mediated by zero-valent iron. Chemosphere. 76, 1240-1248
  • M. Rivero-Huguet, W.D. Marshall (2008). Uncertainties when using dual-wavelength or single-wavelength spectrophotometry to monitor the course of hexavalent-chromium reduction mediated by zero-valent iron. Accred. Qual. Assur. 13,711-716
  • N. Veiga, M. Rivero-Huguet, R. Huertas (2008). An Improved Spectrofluorometric Determination of Selenium in Biological Materials After Microwave Digestion. Atomic Spectroscopy 29, 63-68
  • Y. Xia, M. Rivero-Huguet, B.H. Hughes, W.D. Marshall (2008). Isolation of the sweet components from Siraitia grosvenorii. Food Chemistry 107, 1022-1028
  • Rivero-Huguet, Mario and Elena Darré, 2006. The Determination of Total Strontium in Uruguayan Rice by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES). Atomic Spectroscopy, 27(3): 80-85.
  • Rivero-Huguet, Mario, Raquel Huertas, Lorena Francini, Liliana Vila and Elena Darré, 2006. Concentrations of As, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, K, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na, Ni, Pb and Zn in Uruguayan Rice Determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Atomic Spectroscopy, 27(2): 48-56.
  • Rivero-Huguet, Mario E., 2004. Monitoring of Cd, Cu, Cr, Fe, Mn, Pb and Zn in Uruguayan Wines by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. Atomic Spectroscopy, 25(4): 176-183.

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