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Name: Paliza Shrestha
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Paliza Shrestha is pursuing undergraduate studies at Mount Holyoke College with an intended major in Environmental Studies and minor in Economics. She is currently in her second year of college. She is from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Through her studies, she is aiming to grasp sound understanding on how different factors like science, economy and policy play a role in implementing environmentally sound development strategies. She is also interested in studying ecosystem science and wants to learn about ecological processes in wetlands, one of the most productive ecosystems of Nepal supporting rich flora and fauna species as well as human livelihoods.

Her interest in environmental studies has led her to work in a public interest INGO, ‘Winrock International’, where she was involved in promoting the use of electric vehicles by offices within Kathmandu and participated in awareness campaigns for achieving a cleaner environment. She also volunteered for an NGO, Hydro-solutions, where she helped to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) survey for a hydroelectric power project by interacting with local communities in rural Mustang, Nepal. In the future, she plans to go back to Nepal and help develop the country’s rural sector. She plans to collaborate with local communities in small-scale development projects such as forestry, sustainable agriculture and rural technology to implement sustainable conservation and livelihoods.