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Name: Paul Vedeld
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Paul Vedeld is a Professor in Environment and Development Studies at the University of Life Sciences Norway (UMB). He holds a M.Sc. in Natural Resource Management and a Ph.D. in Resource, Agriculture and Development Economics. He has also conducted studies in social anthropology and philosophy of science.

In addition to academic work, he worked for two years in India with environment and development programs for the Norwegian government and one year as political advisor for development issues in the Norwegian Parliament. He has also worked as consultant for Norad, NMFA, World Bank, GEF, IFAD, DANIDA, SIDA and other donors.

He has field experiences from a number of countries in East and Southern Africa, Central America and Asia (India) and more than 20 years of working experience as a teacher and researcher at UMB.

His main research interests are within environment and development studies from neo-institutional perspectives, looking into environmental governance and policy analysis, analysis of linkages between rural livelihoods, local institutions, poverty and the environment, protected area management, environmental conflicts and stakeholder analyses, and also more theoretical studies of education and interdisciplinarity within the environment and development field using sociological and philosophy of science perspectives.

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