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Name: Peter Hughes
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Peter E. Hughes, Ph. D. graduated from Biochemistry, North Carolina State University. He is a Physical and Mathematical Sciences Fellow, Institute for Enzyme Research, University Hospitals and Clinics, University of Wisconsin, Madison. He is a NASA Scholar, a Fellow, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Houston TX, Cape Kennedy FA, China Lake Proving Grounds.

Current Interests

His environmental studies include Mathematical Modeling of Global Chemical Processes; Oxidative Radicals and Photon Activation of CFCs; Photon Mediated Thermoprocess and Thermogenesis; Metabolic and Infectious Diseases; Biophysical Adaptation at Near Zero Gravity; Mathematical Modeling of Physiological Processes at Perturbation, FBI Analytical Lab, NY; Immunological Disturbance; the Basophyl IgE Degranulation Events of Anaphylaxis; Inter-Planetary Flight Life Support Systems (Project Sprint to Mars, 2014), State Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab, Madison, WI; SETI.


  • Analytical instruments: Drug Screen, Thyroid, Hepatic and Cardio Panels, CBC analyzers, DNA, c and lin probe analyzers, CDC and Antibody identification instrumentation.
  • Assays: AFP, Allergen specific Allergy, Cortisol, Thyroid Panels, HEP-C, HIV, HTLV I and II.
  • Government work on Life Support Systems for avionics and Electronic Warfare.
  • Consultant for Forensic Biophysics and Biochemistry in NH, MA, ME, WI and MN.

Peter Hughes is a regular contributor to the Mad Scientists, The CDC Review, Forensics Teachers Today and BAE Informatics. Recently appointed as Ed. to Encyclopedia of Earth.

He teaches at prominent Colleges and Universities in the Northeast USA and serves as a guest lecturer. Profile includes: Algebra I and II; Advanced and Theoretical Statistics; Human Anatomy & Physiology; General Chemistry I and II; Biochemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Biological Genetics; DNA Screening Test; and Organic Chemistry I and II.

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  • E-mail: Peter Hughes
  • Dept. of Math and Science, Mount Ida College, 777 Dedham St., Newton, MA 02459