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Name: Rita Quinones-Magalhaes
Member Since: July 9th, 2010
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I am currently a graduate student at Texas Tech University, working in Fire Ecology, more specifically studying how leaf litter flammability relates to plant traits. I have completed a post-graduate course in Civil Protection – Natural and Technological Hazards and I graduated in Forestry at the Lisbon Technical University. My graduating paper was the development of an automatic classifier for Landsat images, concerning the classification of forest fires in Portugal. I was awarded a scholarship to work on a similar subject. I have also participated in the annual Summer School at Alpbach (Austria), under the theme “Monitoring of Natural Hazards from Space”, ministered by ESA (European Space Agency) and by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.
Before coming to Texas Tech I assisted with the organization of the International Seminar on Seismic Risk and Rehabilitation of Stone Masonry Housing and I was responsible for the technical retroversion of the book “Earthquake 1998 - Azores: A Decade Later".