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Name: Rudolf Reuther
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Rudolf Reuther was trained in methods to assess and quantify the behavior and fluxes of trace elements. In 1983, he received a PhD in environmental geochemistry from the University of Heidelberg. Subject of his thesis was the interaction between acid rain and the speciation of heavy metals in lake sediments from Sweden, Norway and Canada. He has particularly specialized in methods designed to characterize the environmental risk of metals in various environmental systems (water, soil, sediments, and solid wastes).

Since 1983, Dr. Reuther has gained both in-depth knowledge and a broad international experience by conducting projects concerned with monitoring and risk assessment of chemicals. In his present work, he combines basic research with the need of consulting routines to estimate and predict chemical and biological effects of priority pollutants, like metals, organometals and persistent organics, e.g., by advanced sampling and analytical techniques, and the use of ecotoxicological test-systems.

During recent years, he was increasingly concerned with the preparation and implementation of environmental assessments, to establish the impact of plans, facilities, processes and products, according to national (e.g., Swedish Miljöbalken, German UVPG) and international/EU legislation (e.g., 96/61/EC, 46/464/EEC). His clients originate from both the public and private sector and include national EPAs, regional monitoring bodies, the mining, metal, and paper industry, as well as international organizations. Dr. Reuther is book author and has published many peer-reviewed articles and other contributions in various international scientific journals.