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Name: Sandipan Kumar Das
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Research Interests

Turbulence theory and modeling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), environmental flows, heat transfer.


Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), Stanford University, U.S.A., 2001-2005.
M.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), IIT Bombay, India, 1994-1996.
B.M.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Jadavpur University, India, 1989-1993.

Professional Experience

Dr. Das is currently working as a scientist in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) company in California, USA. As of now, his focus is on the applicability of immersed boundary methods in complicated industrial problems. He is also keenly interested in the theoretical side of CFD, especially in turbulence modeling.


Das, S.K. & Durbin, P.A. "Prediction of atmospheric dispersion of pollutants in an airport environment", Atmos. Environ., 41, 1328-1341, 2007.
Das, S.K. & Durbin, P.A. "A Lagrangian stochastic model for dispersion in stratified turbulence", Phys. Fluids, 17, 025109, 2005.

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