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Name: Sandra L. Mekita
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Sandra Mekita is a 2011 J.D. Candidate at Pace University School of Law. Ms. Mekita graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B.A. in Business and Economics in 2008. Ms. Mekita came to Pace Law School after working for a few years in commercial real estate and development as a licensed agent in New Jersey. Her interest in land use drew her to Pace Law School’s environmental, land use and sustainable development programs; three programs for which Pace Law School is highly regarded. After completion of her J.D. studies, Ms. Mekita plans on seeking a position within a law firm that focuses on sustainable land use development and regulation while taking courses towards Pace Law School’s new Land Use and Sustainable Development L.L.M. Ms. Mekita may be reached at