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Name: Prof.T.Shivaji Rao
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Prof.T.Shivaji Rao was born in 1932 at Mudinepalli, near Gudivada, Krishna Dist Andhra Pradesh and educated under the rural environment of Bommuluru, Angaluru, Pedamaddali, Pamarru, Machilipatnam and Vijayawada. He received Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from Viswesariah Engineering College, Banglore (1956) and Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from Rice University, Houston, Texas, (1962). He was Former Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and principal of College of Engineering, Andhra University. He is a Fellow of the A.P. Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India).

He started the Masters Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering in 1963 at Andhra University.  He has taught courses in epidemiology, parasitology, environmental sanitation, sanitary chemistry, micro-biology, radiological health, industrial hygiene, hydrology and hydraulics, advanced water supply and sewage treatment, industrial waste treatment, stream sanitation, air pollution control, environmental impact analysis etc. and guided the theses work of 50 Masters and 5 Doctoral students. Rao published a few books and several papers on environmental subjects. He formerly served as UGC Emeritus professor, Honorary Professor Andhara University, Honorary Professor Nagarjuna University, Consulting Professor, Manonmanian Sundarnar University Honorary Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. 

He is a recipient of Best Teacher State Award of Government of Andhra Pradesh for 1986-87, the University Grants Commissions National Award Swami Pranavananda Award on Ecology and Environmental Sciences for the year 1991, and Sivananda Eminent Citizen Award for 2002 by Sanathana Dharma Charitable Trust, Andhra Pradesh state. He was Invited by the Royal Swedish of Sciences for Participation in Nobel symposium in August 1976 and by the Travel Agents Association of India to Khatmandu, Nepal to present a paper on The Threat to Taj Mahal due to Air Pollution from Mathura Refinery (1979),, and by the International Baccalaureate Asia-Pacific to Khatmandu, Nepal as key note speaker to present a paper on Sustainable Development and Environment.

He was a Member of the A.P. Sate pollution Control Board (1976-79), Chairman, technical Committee of the Pollution Control Board (1976-82), Formerly Chairman, Environmental education Committee, university Grants Commission, Chairman technical Committee, Andhra Pradesh State Water Pollution Control Board, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh State Committee on Environment, Honorary Environmental Advisor, Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, Expert member of Environmental Appraisal Committees for Industries and River valley Projects, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India, Member of the Expert Committees on Artificial Rains, Government of A.P., Member, High Power Committee on Seismic Safety of Tehri Dam, Government of India, Member, expert Committee on Environmental Impact of Telugu Ganga Project, Founder Member of Indian Council for Enviro-Legal Action, New Delhi, Member Board of trustees of MC Mehta Environment Foundation, New Delhi. Expert Member, A.P.State Wildlife Advisory Board. Presently, Chairman, Environmental Monitoring Committee, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, Chairman of the Environmental Education Committee of the A.P. State council of Higher education, and Expert Member of the A.P. State cloud seeding Project, Government of Andhra Pradesh and Director, Centre for Environmental Studies, Gitam University, Visakhapatnam.