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Name: Timothy Krantz
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Dr. Tim Krantz brings over twenty years of professional experience in environmental assessment and land use planning to the project, combining experience in both the private and public sector, academia and environmental engineering. His primary academic training is in the field of botany and vegetation analysis, and he is a noted authority on the flora of the California deserts. Dr. Krantz has extensive experience with environmental impact assessments prepared in accordance with both the California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy Act. He has particular expertise with the regulatory requirements of the Clean Water Act and Section 400 permit regulations, jurisdictional wetlands delineations, State Regional Water Quality Control Board regulations and procedures, and State and Federal Endangered Species Act requirements.

Dr. Krantz is trained in GIS applications, including ArcInfo and ArcView, and has had a broad exposure to applications of this technology to land use and resource management projects. He has specific training in remote sensing and computer image analysis techniques. Dr. Krantz is skilled at photographic image analysis and computer cartography using ERDAS Imagine, NIH-Image, Adobe Photoshop, and ESRI software.

At the University of Redlands, Dr. Krantz is a professor of Environmental Studies, teaching courses in Remote Sensing and Image Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, Physical Geography and Plant Taxonomy, among others. He was the Project Manager for the Salton Sea Database Program and is the current Project Manager for the Salton Sea Database Program Maintenance Funding. He has traveled and worked extensively in Mexico and has developed many contacts in the government and private sector regarding environmental regulation and natural resource management, particularly dealing with bi-national resource issues concerning the Lower Colorado River and water management in the desert Southwest of the United States.

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