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Name: Totti Könnölä
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Dr. Totti Könnölä is a consultant and scholar with the focus on innovation management and policy and sustainable development. He is published widely on issues like strategic intelligence, environmental management, decision making, evolutionary economics and technological change. As Senior Research Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and as Research Collaborator with the Robust Portfolio Modeling Team at Helsinki University of Technology he is an active proponent in the creation of strategic intelligence to develop corporate, national and regional innovation systems. His responsibilities include namely the development, implementation and evaluation of systemic instruments, in particular technology foresight, roadmapping and technology assessment activities. Affiliated with the Centre for Eco-Intelligent Management at the Instituto de Empresa Business School, Madrid, he has also contributed to the development of new approaches to escape technological and institutional path dependences through eco-innovation and eco-intelligent management. Könnölä holds a PhD in systems analysis from Helsinki University of Technology and a MSc in environmental economics from the University of Helsinki.

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