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Name: A. Umran Dogan
Member Since: October 22nd, 2007
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A. Umran Dogan 
Adjunct Professor (2005)
Professor at Ankara University

B.S. 1974, Istanbul University
M.S. 1979, Ohio University
Ph.D. 1984, The University of Iowa

Research interests:
Quantitative aspects of Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry

Medical Mineralogy, Asbestos group minerals, Zeolite group minerals

Selected Publications:

Dogan, M. Dogan, A.U. 2009. Invited chapter, in Drinking Water and Human Health: Water Quality, Occurrences, and Inorganic Contaminants, MS number 283, Elsevier.

Ballirano, P., Andreozzi, G.B., Dogan, M., and Dogan, A.U. 2009. Crystal structure and iron topochemistry of erionite-K from Rome, Oregon, USA. Accepted for publication in American Mineralogist.

Dogan, A.U., Dogan, M., and Hoskins, J.A. 2009. Invited chapter, in Other Environmental Health Issues: Erionite and its Health Effects, MS number 725, Elsevier.

Dogan, A.U., Dogan, M., Kilinc, A., and Locke, D., 2008, An isobaric-isenthalpic magma mixing model for the Hasan Dagi Volcano, Central Anatolia, Turkey, Bulletin of Volcanology, 70, 797-804.

Dogan, A.U. and Dogan, M., 2008, Re-evaluation and re-classification of erionite series minerals, Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 30,  355-366.

Dogan, A.U., Dogan, M., and Hoskins, J.A. 2008, Erionite series minerals: Mineralogical and carcinogenic properties, Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 30, 367-381.

Carbone, M., Emri, S., Dogan, A.U., Steele, I., Tuncer, M., Pass, H.I., and Baris, Y.I., 2007, A mesothelioma epidemic in Cappadocia: scientific developments and unexpected social outcomes. Nature Reviews Cancer, 7, 147-154.

Dogan, M. and Dogan, A.U., 2007. Arsenic mineralization, source, distribution, and abundance in the Kutahya region of the western Anatolia, Turkey. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 29(2), 119-129.

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Ergin, M., Keskin, S., Dogan, A.U., Kadioglu, Y.K., and Karakas, Z., 2007, Grain size and heavy mineral distribution as related to hinterland and environmental conditions for modern beach sediments from the Gulf of Antalya and Finike, eastern Mediterranean. Marine Geology, 240, 185-196.

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Dogan, A.U., Ozsan, A., Dogan, M., Karpuz, C., and Brenner, R.L., 2006. Classifications of hardgrounds based upon their strength properties. Carbonates and Evaporites, 2(1), 14-20.

Dogan, A.U., Dogan, M., Onal, M., Sarikaya, Y., Aburub, A., and Wurster, D.E., 2006. Baseline studies of the Clay Minerals Society source clays: Specific surface area by Brunauer Emmett Teller (BET) method. Clays and Clay Minerals, 54(1), 62-66.

Dogan, A.U., Baris, Y.I., Dogan, M., Emri, S., Steel, I., Elmishad, A.G., and Carbone, M., 2006. Genetic predisposition to fiber carcinogenesis causes a mesothelioma epidemic in Turkey. Cancer Research, 66 (10), 5063-5068. This research paper is highlighted in Nature Reviews-Cancer, 6, 489.

Dogan, A.U., Dogan, M., Chan, D.C.N., and Wurster, D.E., 2005. Bassanite from Salvadora Persica: A new evaporitic biomineral. Carbonates and Evaporites,  20(1),  2-7.

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