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Walker Smith is presently a professor of biological sciences at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, College of William and Mary. Prior to coming to VIMS in 1998, he was at the University of Tennessee for 22 years after receiving his Ph.D. from Duke University in 1976 (Dr. Richard Barber, advisor). His research has concentrated on understanding the processes in the Southern Ocean that control phytoplankton productivity, growth, photosynthesis, and fate. In 1995-8 he served as co-Chair of the US JGOFS Southern Ocean project, the largest oceanographic project ever conducted in the waters of the Antarctic. His research has recently focused on the role of iron on phytoplankton growth and composition in the Ross Sea, the most productive region of the Antarctic. He has a specific interest in the haptophyte Phaeocystis antarctica, its morphological forms, and its role in the regional ecology and oceanography.

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