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Name: Sherri Haertling Neuberger
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Sherri Haertling Neuberger is the Managing Editor of the Encyclopedia of Earth. Sherri graduated in 2012 from the Texas Tech University Honors College, where she worked closely under Dr. Mark McGinley and other Honors College professors. She holds a degree in Psychology and two minors in Environment and the Humanities and English Literature. Sherri completed two years of research within two disciplinary fields in psychology, wrote for The Daily Toreador, the university newspaper, and contributed articles to ecology magazines.  She served as the founding Webmaster for Texas Tech University’s chapter of Psi Chi, the national honors society for psychology and was a founding member of the TTU Animal Rights Coalition. Sherri worked as a copy editor for Los Alamos High School's yearbook La Ventana, as well as during her time as a research librarian at Los Alamos National Laboratory's Research Library.

Sherri's interests include environmental ethics, green urban planning, conservation efforts, and environmental education, especially through the use of technology. Sherri currently resides in Austin, Texas.